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    November 17, 2009


    Avatar will be releasing next month in a global mega-scale. The money is a risky things to do since the mega-budgeted flick will need more than $400 million to cover up its whole production cost.

    Fear not, James Cameron has asked Leona Lewis to sing for the theme of the movie. The sci-fi epic in the form of Avatar has definitely getting a boost now, similar to what Adam Lambert's Time For Miracles has done to the movie 2012.

    The title track, I See You (Theme From Avatar) will be feature on the Avatar soundtrack, due to release on December 14. James Horner will be conducting the theme and music in the movie, which marked their (Horner and Cameron) third collaboration after Aliens and
    Titanic. Of course, the last time they collaborated, a mega hits by Celine Dion, "My Heart Will Go On" was a award-winning song.

    "Lewis is shooting the video for the song now, under the auspices of Jake Nava. Will she be going blue for it?" - EO

    Chris Hewitt of
    EO commented, "But, what with this and Adam Lambert’s Time For Miracles on Roland Emmerich’s 2012, we hope that this signals the return of a grand old movie tradition that we had thought forever lost: the impossibly grandiose end credits song with emotionally vague titles"

    Okay, I'm eager to listen to this piece!!

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    1. hmm.. the song is ok ok la i think..
      cant wait to watch the movie =)



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