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    November 23, 2009


    The news in relation to the casting of Kenneth Branagh's Thor seems keep incoming as the shooting day drew nearer. Last week, The Warriors Three in the form of Stuart Townsend, Ray Stevenson and Tadanobu Asano were casted. Now Idris Elba will be joining in as Heimdall.

    "Heimdall, the brother of Sif (Jamie Alexander) and the guardian of Asgard, who stands sentry on the "rainbow bridge" Bifrost, the only way in or out of Chez Odin." - EO

    " He's super-strong and super-fast, and has super-senses that allow him to hear Earth from Asgard. He wears excellent armour, and likes an edged weapon, especially his enchanted sword that allows him to assume mortal form." - EO

    Heimdall is the god character. I am not good with the mythology world of Thor so I might get indeed very blind by the time the movie is released. Once again, the characters are filled one by one but who's next on the list?
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