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    November 19, 2009


    47 Ronin, a movie project that will involve the supercold Keanu Reeves has attached a director now. The project had been talked for so long, which is under Universal Pictures care, about 18th century samurai epic.

    The director name is Carl Erik Rinsch, whom of course people are start to wondering who this guy is? Well, a first-timer landed with such an epic, he is the director for various ads for Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. Rinsch is also the name that has been linked to the prequel of Alien until Sir Ridley Scott was persuaded to do it himself.

    "Ronin, as you probably learned at the movies, are masterless samurai, and the story of the 47 Ronin, one of Japan's key national legends, concerns the vengeance of the titular group after their feudal lord is forced to commit ritual suicide, following an assault on a corrupt court official. The story is recounted in John Frankenheimer's Ronin to explain the title, and has been filmed at least half a dozen times before" - EO

    Wanted scripter Chris Morgan will type the screenplay. He utterly promised that the movie - 47 Ronin - would be an epic-style to the max - Lord of the Rings-type high fantasy and Gladiator-type battle scenes.

    Meanwhile, a cartoon maestro Frank Miller's Ronin, about a 13th century samurai transported to future New York, is also in the works.
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