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    November 22, 2009


    Apparently so. Paramount Pictures, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter and Empire Online, are looking for writers for Beverly Hills Cop 4 and also attaching Murphy to The Misadventures of Fluffy.

    Fluffy sounds silly but not when you have already heard that the misadventures of animal talkings may be developed for all-grown ups and slapped with a hard R-rating. Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly (behind Tyler Perry's mooted The Diversification of Noah Miller) are currently writing the script, which is reportedly a social buddy-comedy a la Trading Places, about a journey across New York. Featuring talking animals.

    Eddie Murphy
    over the years has proofed to be the biggest miss on the Hollywood, no thanks to his Nash Pluto, Meet Dave and Imagine That. It may sounds weird to have another round of comedic animal talking again and it is also a risky one as well. Fear not, there's still Shrek Forever After and A Thousand Words to fall back on.
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