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    December 15, 2009


    The production may kick off anytime soon but until the greenlight is given, the worry on whether the movie may get delayed is still strong. Guillermo del Toro told the fan site of The One Ring forum that while he can't offer a clear day when the production will begin, the production for The Hobbit, a much anticipated epic follwing The Lord of the Rings trilogy, is still moving.

    We may say what we want but until there are two scripts delivered and budgets and schedules to support them we will be all under a yellow light of development. THAT we have not stopped. As I have reported in the past, we are scouting, designing (my last 3 hour meeting with Weta was this morning) and will not stop. BUT the greenlight and thus commencement can only be granted by the studio. Pete as producer and me as director will do everything we can in the meantime.
    - Guillermo del Toro

    The project, which is now overseen by
    Warner Bros, is still studying the delivered scripts with great delights.

    He goes on to mention that dragon character Smaug's animation is being developed, and that many other tests of the likes of armour and prosthetics are continuing apace.
    - EO

    Well, with certainly hope the movie, which will be in two parts, will start shooting as soon as possible. Let's wait further and see.
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