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    December 15, 2009


    The movie is only officially released this week in a worldwide scale of definite blockbuster. The early buzz has been very positive and reviews has keep on flowing to praise the latest by Cameron since 1997's Titanic, also been an Oscar winner.

    Avatar could be heading for a sequel or two, according to the director himself. The comment was made during the world premier of Avatar.

    "When I pitched it to Fox, they said, ‘We’ve spent a lot of money creating all these assets, all these CG mountains, plants, trees, leaves, flowers, bugs’ — everything you saw up there on screen had been made by people at workstations over a period of years and so they have value,” Cameron said at the premiere.

    So in terms of the pitch it was: OK, you’ve spent a lot of money on the first one; on the second one we’ll be able to amortize it and focus on the story and all that ... and they bought that.

    James Cameron has been working closely to follow up Avatar with another two more movie plots aimed as sequels. If the film lives up to the buzz and raking in much, we can easily say, "Let's go back to Pandora."
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