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    December 1, 2009


    News are spilling in that just days after Peter Jackson talked about The Hobbit and Tintin, the latest we have is that the movie that we have been waiting for (to start shooting as soon as possible) may finally realized. On an interview with MovieReporter.net, a German movie site, Peter Jackson has revealed that the script for The Hobbit is almost ready.

    The script is expected to be finished in within this few weeks with the shooting will start on Summer 2010, of course a winter and icy time in the Southern hemisphere.

    However, Jackson can't revealed the amount of budget and the greenlight has not officially been granted yet.

    Guillermo del Toro will direct the two-parts The Hobbit which will be shot simultaneously back-to-back. Peter Jackson who previously directed The Lord of the Rings trilogy will oversees as producer. MGM Studio is still holding the rights despite their financial difficulty.

    The Hobbit is still on track for December 2011 while the second part will out in December 2012.
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