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    December 1, 2009


    The Spider-Man director Sam Raimi has won a bidding war to snap up the latest talent from YouTube ground sensation. The Uruguayan director, Fede Alvarez's YouTube phenomenon Panic Attack! will be turned into a movie.

    If you haven't watch, no worry, Green Tea Movie will previewed the video after this article.

    "It's a really awesome short film in which Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay is attacked by a legion of giant robots. From Spielbergian beginnings – a small child is beguiled as massive legs emerge through a mist – to Bay-esque conclusions, as the city is torn apart by rockets and fire, it’s a bit of a belter. And all without a single line of dialogue." -

    The secure for a movie adaptation by Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures production company means that Raimi is entering the same business as Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson (District 9) and Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity. They all bear the same resemblance of low budget video-turned-movie.

    "Alvarez, who designed the robots himself, could be such a talent. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he was taken to LA a couple of weeks ago, not long after Panic Attack! went online, for a dizzying round of talks with different studios. At the end of it all, just before Thanksgiving, he signed on with Raimi" -

    So, it is easy to say this - the next District 9 and Paranormal Activity in the making? Things are still pretty much under wrap and no further information beyond this zone. For the time been, let Raimi and the prosuction house to do their jobs.

    As promised, here is the video I have been talking about earlier on - Panic attack! in HQ version.

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