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    December 7, 2009


    Johnny Depp may not be available from now until 2011, but he has another project slated after that. He is now looking back to act in a biopic. Potentially, he is eyeing a role as Mexican revolutinary Pancho Villa for Serbian director Emir Kusturica. It will be a reunion for both since 1993's Arizona Dream.

    The film may see him starring opposite
    Salma Hayek (if she is confirmed to sign in) and possibly having the longest movie title. Currently, the movie has a working title of Seven Friends Of Pancho Villa And The Woman With Six Fingers.

    Kusturica will direct the movie, based on his script with
    Gordan Mihic on James Carlos Blake's novel The Friends Of Pancho Villa, "which chronicles both the man's life of fighting the good fight, robbing the nasty rich and making with the sweet lady-pleasing love. " - EO
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