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    December 3, 2009


    Peter Berg, director of the boardgame adaptation Battlefield has revealed some news regarding the project. On an exclusive interview with The Latino Review (source taken from EO, cross-linked with Collider), Berg revealed that the movie will have the theme of human vs aliens. What's wrong with these aliens movie now?

    If you grew up not knowing what is Battleship all about, it is a boardgame where player's battleship firing missles on the opponent's battleship! Well, that is in the simplest words to describe but you can cross-reference with
    Wikipedia nevertheless.

    Anyway, back to the news, the opposing team in the movie would be an alien race called The Regents, not only just happened to get stuck there but also not having the necessary upperhand in terms of weaponary technology. He said,
    "The idea of a film where America goes to war against China, or a movie where America goes to war against England or Australia or Japan, one of the countries that has a credible navy, felt like it would border on some kind of jingoistic American military exercise I couldn’t get my head around. I liked the idea of something larger than life and the challenge it presented."

    Breaking away from a traditional perception of battleship war could be, but using an alien theme and getting stuck here sounds no different than District 9 then. But Berg said,
    "We want the audience, like with District 9 and War of the Worlds, to believe that this is for fucking real and this is going down. These films if done with integrity are very effective."

    Sounds interesting nevertheless. The science fiction approach that Berg is taking for Battleship sounds promising although the premise laid directly from the prawn movies.
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