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    January 21, 2010


    Looks like MacGruber film is coming closer for a release. The character inspired by its popularity as a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live (SNL) show. So judging by the name, you will know that this is an obvious parody for the ever popular 1985-1992 adventure series MacGyver.

    Given its popularity following SNL, Will Forte will now bring the character to the big screen adaptation. Besides Forte, the upcoming MacGruber also stars Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Val Kilmer and Maya Rudolph with cameos by MVP, Chris Jericho, Kane and The Big Show.

    The Universal and Rogue Pictures production will find its usual audience on 23 April 2010. Here are the trailer for you to enjoy:

    MacGruber? Will it bomb on the box office?
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