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    January 21, 2010


    DJ Caruso will be headlining a new adaptation for the teen alien movie I Am Number Four. Originally, Michael Bay was set to produce and direct. Then he hired Smallville writers Al Gough and Miles Millar to write the screenplay. Now DJ Caruso's turn to be featured.

    DJ Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) will take the book by James Frey and Joby Hughes which is due to be published this autumn and followed by five more installments.

    I Am Number Four tells the story of nine aliens hiding on Earth after their planet's destruction. The titular character disguises himself as a high school student - only to learn that his planet's enemy is still hunting the survivors.

    Caruso is also directing the upcoming The Art of Making Money with Chris Pine, and there’s the widely-talked about Y: The Last Man adaptation that may or may not happen.

    SOURCES: Slash Film, Empire Online
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