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    January 16, 2010


    The Hollywood Reporter picked up a story of a possibility that Mark Wahlberg is planning for a sequel to Four Brothers, an action crime thriller dated back in 2005. No joke but this time it will titled as Five Brothers.

    In 2005, Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin and Garret Hedlund are the four adoptive brothers who team up to investigate the apparently random death of the foster mother who raised them - and eventually get revenge on her killer.

    The plot for Five Brothers is still under the wrap. Original writers David Elliot and Paul Lovett have been working with Wahlberg on the script and Lorenzo di Bonaventura is set to produce again. No words on whether the original casts or director John Singleton will returned or not. However, it worths a point to make that Garret Hedlund's character was killed off int he first movie, so how would they find another two brothers?
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