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    January 30, 2010


    Sam Worthington, a 33-year old Aussie who was seen as a minor player before last May's Terminator Salvation has now going for a bigger role. We have seen him in Avatar, playing a marine on a military expedition to Pandora and an upcoming role of Perseus, a son of god leading a human army to defeat Hades in Clash Of The Titans.

    Now, Latino Review reports that the Avatar star is set to play Dracula in Alex Proyas' origin story, Dracula: Year Zero. Year Zero is reported to be an origin story that will stand on its own ground, away from the original stories from Bram Stoker's novels and instead "tells the tragic tale of how Vlad the Impaler, the legendary Romanian ruler who made a habit out of impaling his enemies on huge spikes (hence the name) and the figure who inspired a fair chunk of Stoker’s arch-villain, became the baddest bloodsucker of them all."

    Early reports also point out that Year Zero will focus more as an epic love story filled with huge battles and a lead character who gives into evil for noble deed.

    The production is still on its early days so nothing concrete here yet. In fact, this may be part of Universal's plan to resurrect their movie monsters one by one. This February, we will see how the revamped The Wolfman may looks like, while Frankenstein is also on planning with Guillermo del Toro has been attached for.

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