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    February 10, 2010


    Title card for 24 (TV series)Image via Wikipedia

    It's been years that Fox has been planning to have a silver screen adaptation for the TV series 24. While the studio has been playing around with on-off possibilities, it's hard to determine whether the news should be treated a green light for a go or a red light for not.

    But now, it would seems that the things are happening for real now. EW reported that Billy Ray, the writer-director of the Shattered Glass and Breach, has taking a new treatment for a 24 movie screenplay.

    The news of the production is still in its early days but it all depends on the fate of the current TV series (entering on the eighth season). If the Season Eight is continuing its downward trend and eventually get cancelled, the movie may materialize. But if the Season Eight is still getting its momentum, then the movie may be delayed again.

    So, will the Jack Bauer movie really gonna happen?

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