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    February 10, 2010


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    Christopher Nolan helped to remake and reboot Batman story into another success. But Warner wants for more of him when they announced through Deadline Hollywood that the man who made The Dark Knight to a greater height will play a vital role in rebooting Superman. He was offered a mentor job now?

    However, while Warner is definitely pushing for a reboot Superman then a sequel, Nolan's involvement may only limited to as someone who oversees the project rather than directing it. The other issues is that Warner is embattling with time as 2013 will see many of the character's rights will revert back to the creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster. With that, more money will be needed to revive the franchise.

    There are lots of rumours around the writers and directors of choice for the new Superman outing, Warners itself mulling the idea of letting Bryan Singer continue with his version and the still abortive idea of a Justice League film, it now appears that the company's new DC Entertainment arm is throwing itself faster than a speeding bullet into getting something fresh up on screen.

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