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    February 25, 2010


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    Dreamworks new CG animation about a group of caveman comedy has signed two stars in. The Croods may be considering itself lucky because two superheroes are voicing the movie. One is Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds and two; Ghost Rider aka Nicolas Cage.

    According to Variety, Cage is set to voice the role Crug, "a staunch traditionalist forced to lead his family beyond their comfortable usual haunts when an earthquake shakes things up."

    On the other end, Reynolds is set to voice "yet-to-be-named" nomad whom "Crug meet up during their journey, that has a little bit more advanced ideas and thoughts than Crug is and ends up charming the clan, particularly Crug’s daughter. Trouble, naturally, follows."

    Dreamworks is aiming to set this cavern picture set for 3D by March 2012. At the meantime, you may need some lesson on how to train the dragons first before going back in time of the cavern.

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