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    February 25, 2010


    It looks like Warner Bros is really into a new Superman flick. The studio has already mobilizing a team of experts to get the job done and according to the Latino Review, David Goyer (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) has been hired by Legendary Pictures and DC Entertainment to write a script that does not have to reboot the Clark Kent's franchise.

    The news come in time following the inclusion of Christopher Nolan as a mentor to oversee the new Superman project, albeit not necessary that he has to direct. It was understood that the new project is currently entitled The Man Of Steel.

    According to the source too, Goyer's vision of Superman may be based on drawing from John Byrne's acclaimed run on the comics while we may be able to expect more fun and another round of Lex Luthor and Braniac.

    However, Goyer's involvement is still not a locked in yet. The status now is that he will only help out on the script and he is in negotiation to take the job. Good luck!!

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