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    February 14, 2010


    Film poster for The Chronicles of RiddickImage via Wikipedia

    Vin Diesel has been waiting patiently for this one to roll out, in fact it pays off well. The rumours for the third outing has been floating for so long since The Chronicles of Riddick was released. After December's scouting trips, Universal Pictures has officially announced that the third outing for Riddick is on.

    David Twohy, the screenwriter and director for the Riddick's adventure so far has even made his elaborated plans that executives at Universal are impressed for. What we all know now is that the third outing will feels more like Pitch Black rather than the misfortunate Chronicles. So in natural, Twohy will write and direct the sequel and he has called the third outing as simple as Riddick.

    The shooting is expected to start right after Diesel finished his fifth Fast & Furious film.

    SOURCE: Variety, Empire Online

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