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    February 14, 2010


    Clayton Moore as The Lone RangerImage via Wikipedia

    The Lone Ranger came originally as an American radio and TV show but over the years, we kept on hearing the possibility of adapting this Western-flick into a silver screen one.Jerry Bruckheimer is hoping to make the movie out of it and the news that a new writer has been attached is the first movement for this movie since Johnny Depp was attached for the role in The Lone Ranger.

    The news has that Revolutionary Road writer Justin Haythe will team up with Jerry Bruckheimer. Previously, Haythe was busy with 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea forMcG but the development for the movie was stalled following staff changes in Walt Disney.

    "For those of you who aren't familiar with the Ranger, he was a masked cowboy vigilante-type who righted wrongs, daringly did derring dos (often involving horse riding, lassooing or, for preference, both) and wore a mask. Tonto was his smart and savvy Native American sidekick, who tended to call his companion Kemosabe." - Empire Online

    SOURCES: The Hollywood Reporter, Empire Online

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