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    February 11, 2010


    Segel in March 2009Image via Wikipedia

    Yes, that is the title of an upcoming project by James Bobin following his hiring to oversee the next Muppet movie. The movie which was previously known as The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made, accoring to The Playlist will see Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller write the script treatment for it.

    According to The Playlist also, the story revolving the movie will focus on the Muppet gang getting back together to save their old telly haunt; a couple of humans ("Gary and Mary") and a puppet friend named Walter banding together to save the TV studio that the original show was shot in. A villain, Tex Richman is due to take over the studio in weeks and the gang must do something to stop the takeover. Plot details from Empire Online.

    Good luck Segel and Stroller!!

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