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    February 15, 2010


    Madonna at the premiere of I Am Because We Are...Image via Wikipedia

    Madonna has only one directorial film under her - 2008's odd indie Filth And Wisdom. Now the diva will follow up that with a plan to tackle one of the most famous royal controversies that has struck the British monarchy in the history.

    W.E. will follow the events that lead to King Edward VIII's affair with an American divorcee Wallis Simpson and his abdication from the throne in 1936. You can read them here. The king himself was not easily felt among the government under Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin in the first place. King Edward VIII fueled in more fire when he announced his proposal to his lover, Wallis Simpson; leading to a constitutional crisis and he been one of the shortest ruling British Kings ever.

    Up In The Air's Vera Farmiga is currently considering the role of Simpson, which would make sense. The role of King Edward is still up for grab, while the script will be worked on by Madonna and Alex Keshishian (director of Truth Or Dare).

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