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    February 21, 2010


    FAME (English/U)

    Genre: Musical
    Release Date: 28 January 2010
    Distributor: MGM/United Artists
    Running Time: 107 mins.
    Director: Kevin Tancharoen
    Producers: Mark Canton, Gary Lucchesi. Tom Rosenberg, Richard Wright
    Writer: Allison Burnett
    Casts: Naturi Naughton, Collins Pennie, Kay Panabaker. Asher Book, Kherington Payne, Wlater Perez
    Plot: Directed by the choreographer of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, "Fame" is the dynamic reinvention of the Oscar-winning film and globally successful TV series. The story captures the visceral excitement and explosive energy of young artists and performers struggling to prove their talent and find their own voice. Caught up in the intense atmosphere of New York City's prestigious school, they face the challenges of thriving in a highly competitive environment.


    The original 1980's Fame was a success and celebrated for its uniqueness in styles, musical apprehension and contemporary mixture of vibrant sounds. It later won 2 Academy Awards for its songs and scores. Almost 30 years down the road, MGM attempted another remake, a loose one perhaps and it does not really a strong reminiscence with the same taste like the original. It did not failed completely but it turned just sour enough to think this one is another unnecessary remake.

    The anchor of the story is still the same as the original. It retains the original framework of following a bunch of youngsters ongoing a New York academy for arts and musics in five different sections - audition, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. The success, the pain and the failure are all highlighted and presented with additional emotional and determinant flavour with it.

    Fame (2010)
    Its fortunate that for those who have never had a glimpse on the 1980's original, you have one remake in the new era. However, the aftermath after watching the remake may gives you some doubts over the credibility the 1980's original has. Don't be fooled. The original was highly entertained and very peculiar about each of the ensemble characters in it. The remake lacks in the individual character-story, as if every time the movie tries to explain the dilemma and story of ones, it just brushes through only. It shouldn't be attempted to make this movie with several main characters as none of them has been covered enough. Perhaps, four would be to much to explore in the limited running time of 107 minutes.

    To make the matter worst, the plot itself isn't that solid. There are loopholes everywhere and I wish they could have patched up these missing quality before they even thinking of releasing it. First, although the desires to success and moments of despair are there, it did not give much emphasis and impacts to the characters. One time you see them smiling, and then at one point they are crying over failures. The audience did not see the true transformation and development.

    Secondly, the plot missing the element that can makes us memorable about their performances. Unlike the original which spawned off great story that makes us care for the characters, this one leave us wondering if we should really care for their fate in the cruel art-performing world. In the end, I do not feel like I cared for them.

    The only good thing about this movie is Naturi Naughton. she is an excellent singer with her own diva voice. Her story wise is perhaps the most interesting of all - parents disapproval over her choice of going into pop rather than her parents insistence to stick on classical piano. The other good point is the well balanced nature of each performing character and their well-timely choreography, rhythmic and feels. The dances, songs and stage acts are well executed.

    However, I was disappointed that the final big performance is no where near the first canteen rhythm tapping session on their freshman year. I hope it ended with a bang but it just did not happen. This remake did not outdo the 1980's classic and it certainly did not fare well. I have to say, I wish it is better than this crappy story. Perhaps the artistic part saves this movie a little.

    Story – 2.0 stars
    Casts – 3.0 stars
    Cinematography – 3.5 stars
    Effects – 2.5 stars
    OVERALL – 2.5 stars

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