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    February 20, 2010


    Saturday is here again and Green Tea Movie never cease to let you to enjoy more trailers. Today, we have several in the form of money, titans and ass-kicked.


    Just fresh from a teaser week ago, Fox has pushed forward another international trailer which has arrived yesterday. The new trailer focuses on Michale Douglas' Gordon Gekko in a rejuvenated way. Also, more about Shia LaBeouf's Jacob Moore and Carey Mulligan's Winnie Gekko, Gordon's estranged daughter. I have to say, this trailer is damn amazing. Agree?


    You know Woody Harrelson? The guy under the rodeo ride in killing zombies in Zombieland? Yes, he is back as a regular man who adopts the persona of a superhero named Defendor on a quest to find his arch enemy. That sums up everything about the plot. Defendor, a Canadian film and distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures, will see Harrelson teams up with Kat Dennings and Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy. It was premiered at the 2009 Totonto International Film Festival last year but after finding difficulty in releasing it to theater, now it was affirmed that the movie will go on release next week under Darius Films.


    This is a serious shit not for kids when kids are doing the job slashing their enemies like in 300. The superheroes movie, Kick-Ass has Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz Plasse, Chloe Moretz and Nicolas Cage as well as Mark Strong in it. Based on the Marvel Comics, this will be distributed by Lions Gate and will be some ass kicking fun! Matthew Vaughn will direct this one.

    Three and that is enough. stay tuned for more ass-kicking trailers
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