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    February 7, 2010


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    The last few months were tough for Halcyon Group as they were facing financial instability and bankruptcy. One of their valuable archive franchise has to be relinquished as a part of their plan. The company behind the Terminator will auctioned the franchise soon, probably around this week before the bankruptcy hearing will be held.

    Last month, Lionsgate has filed their offering of $15 million and 5% of gross future receipt to the company, as reported here.
    Variety had picked up a story recently where Sony Pictures may have also made a bid, although it was not commented or confirmed by the studio. A reliable inner source close to Sony said that the studio has bidded on Thursday, the final day for submitting offers.

    No one was certain how much Sony Pictures has bid but even if Lionsgate lose out, it is still guaranteed with a $750,000 under a breakup contract by the winning studio.

    Terminator Salvation, the fourth installment was made for a price tag of $200 million while globally raked in $371 million. Warner Bros handled the domestic distribution in US while Sony handled the international distribution.

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