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    February 24, 2010


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    There are yet many other cartoons that require some royal treatment of converting it into a fancy silver screen form. Now, the Mexican fastest mouse will get the opportunity to become what now a feature film. Heat Vision Blog reports that Speedy Gonzales (the andale andale rodent that runs so fast that none can catch him) will getting a big screen adaptation in the form of CG/Live-action hybrid.

    George Lopez, recently seen in the mega-stars romantic-comedy, Valentine's Day will provide voice for the rodent. Jerry Weintraub, Lopez and his wife, Anne will all produce the movie.

    “We wanted to make sure that it was not the Speedy of the 1950s - the racist Speedy," Anne Lopez tells the Heat Vision Blog. "Speedy's going to be a misunderstood boy who comes from a family that works in a very meticulous setting, and he's a little too fast for what they do. He makes a mess of that. So he has to go out in the world to find what he's good at."

    Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow will write the script and rendering their previous effort in adapting Garfield into big screen too, this could be something to think about.

    According to Empire Online: "Despite the racial issues, Speedy himself has a long history – he debuted back in the ‘50s as part of the Looney Tunes ensemble, quickly establishing himself as nemesis for Sylvester. He even starred in an Oscar winning short in 1955."

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