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    February 27, 2010


    Do not fear - Captain America is here!Image by San Diego Shooter via Flickr

    The First Avenger: Captain America may be shooting in the coming months and it has been postulated that someone need to fill in the shoe. Marvel and director Joe Johnston have been lining up several contender for the role of Captain America, a somehow crucial role for a bigger project in sight - The Avenger.

    Several has been called in for screen test, including John Krasinski (Leatherheads), Scott Porter (TV's Friday Night Lights) and Mike Vogel (Cloverfield). In the coming days, expect to see Michael Cassidy (TV's Smallville) and Patrick Flueger (Brothers) as well for a test. Names like Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy) and Jensen Ackles (TV's Supernatural) are among to be called on too but may have scheduling clashes.

    However, there are chances that all those on the list may not be confirmed to step into the role. As far as been concerned, Joe and Marvel are still keeping options open.

    SOURCES: Heat Vision, Empire Online

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