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    February 26, 2010


    When Paranormal Activity 2 was announced for October 22 this year, the skeptical mind of me says that this is not right at all. The Paranormal Activity for me was a little bit shocking and a little bit exciting, not really to the standard of horror I was expecting, yet I still enjoy it nevertheless. Perhaps as a horror genre, this would have been great. You can read my review here.

    However, Paramount announcement for the possible directors really get me back on the track for expecting more. This, according to the LA Times, are the shortlisted directors currently under consideration by the studio for the sequel.

    First, Brad Anderson
    What horror he did: The Machinist (2004); Session 9 (2001); Fringe TV series

    The Machinist featuring Christian Bale in his most anorexia form ever. That one was a pretty good. Then, you have Session 9, a psychological horror film released in 2001 and garnered mostly positive reviews - about some asbestos, old asylum and old mental hospital.

    Second, Greg McLean
    What horror he did: Wolf Creek (2005); Rogue (2007)

    The Aussie was famous for his Wolf Creek - a serial killer loosely based on the Backpacker murders in 1990s. For that the film was nominated for seven AFI awards (Australian Oscar).

    Third, Brian DePalma
    What horror he did: Mission Impossible (1996); Snake Eyes (1998); The Black Dahlia (2006); The Untouchables (1987); Sisters (1973); Dressed To Kill (1980); Blow Out (1981)

    I must be freaking out on hearing his name. The master of cinematography that has his own canted angle shot, split-screen uniqueness and 360-degree camera pan on film-making.

    So, what say you? With October 22 a pretty much concrete date, can they made it on time.
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