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    March 13, 2010


    Coming Soon have landed an exclusive first look at the Pixar's short film that will made its feature together with Toy Story 3. It is not an unusual tradition for Pixar to put one short animation before the start of the main feature. Take example of last year's Up - where Pixar put Partly Cloudy before the start of that Oscar winning movie. Watch the short animation (in case you missed it) below:

    Partly Cloudy from ELISEI PINTILEI on Vimeo.

    This time, Toy Story 3 will be accompanied by Night & Day. "When Day, a sunny fellow, encounters Night, a stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks fly! Day and Night are frightened and suspicious of each other at first, and quickly get off on the wrong foot. But as they discover each other's unique qualities--and come to realize that each of them offers a different window onto the same world--the friendship helps both to gain a new perspective."

    Here are the the first look of Day & Night (not to be confused with Tom Cruise's upcoming Day & Knight!)

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