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    March 15, 2010


    Captain AmericaImage via Wikipedia

    The deal is not locked yet but it looks like Joe Johnston would really want Hugo Weaving to take on the role of Red Skull in his upcoming Captain America. While many actors have already test screen the role Steve Rogers, it may be up to a few moment worth of another wait to see who will be the next big thing.

    For the moment, savour with Hugo Weaving. Red Skull is one of the frightening villain and an archenemey of Steve Rogers (the alter ego of Captain America in real life), a sabetour and spy who worked as Hitler's right-hand man. The concept if in case by any chance that it follows the comic, would have the same one like Hellboy; sets in World War 2 and depicts between rivalry against the Nazis.

    Apparently, Joe Johnson is eager to work with Weaving again, Besides, Weaving is good in The Wolfman.

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