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    March 15, 2010


    IMG_9795 "Robert Downey Jr."Image by SpreePiX - Berlin via Flickr

    Alfonso Cuaron's 3D space thriller looks in doubt following news recently that Angelina Jolie passed out to star, but now good news seems to be pouring in for the production. At least the movie may have Robert Downey Jr to star in.

    Gravity, a thriller written by Cuaron and his son Jonas, has Downey Jr to play the role of a commander of a team working at a remote space station. Tragedy strikes when he and a female colleague (presumably a role to have Angie in) are working outside the space station, when a debris from a destroyed satellite kills most of their crews. Clock is ticking and they must do what ever they can to return to Earth.

    Deadline Hollywood and Empire Online reported that the shooting may start this summer. If that so, how's Downey Jr's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in a planned sequel will be?

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