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    March 15, 2010


    Peter Graves & Leron GublerImage by Sharon Graphics via Flickr

    Peter Graves, one of the most respected actor from his era and perhaps had one of the longest career span filled with great achievements. However, the legend passed away at the age of 83 on March 14 due to heart attack.

    Born as Peter Aurness in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he was the younger brother of actor James Arness. He married Joan Endress in 1950 and had three daughters and six grandchildren.

    Peter Graves held several key roles that made him famous. He is well known for his role as Jim Phelps (Mission: Impossible), Prince (a World War 2 German spy in film Stalag 17), Captain Clarence Oveur (Airplane! and Airplane 2: The Sequel) and many other roles.

    While he returned for the 1988 TV remake of Mission: Impossible, he refused to be a part of the Tom Cruise-starring film version in 1996.While some take it easy as they get older, Graves preferred to stay active, with guest roles on everything from House to American Dad and hosting US documentary show Biography.

    He’ll be missed. RIP Peter Graves.

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