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    March 16, 2010


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    Back in October, Green Tea Movie published the story of Hugh Jackman been casted to lead the upcoming DreamWorks' Shawn Levy-directed Real Steel. You can read more about the story here, (If on that post I mentioned possible, well it is all confirmed now that the Wolverine will lead).

    Now, the latest news has that the movie will have a role for the son of the down-to-luck boxer. While rumors have been floating around about the possibility that Dakota Goyo will be casted for that role, it seems now that it was confirmed by the guys at DreamWorks.

    Reel Steels, set in a near-future America, sees a former boxer (Jackman) found himself unable to box for his favorite sport due to regulation that boxing among humans were banned. Instead, robots were used as an alternative. One day, the fighter-turned-trainer discovers a robot in a junk heap that might just help him to rebuild his career. At the same time, he also need to mend his relatinship with his estranged son Max (Goyo). Sounds like Million Dollar baby in robotic motion!

    The 10-year-old Goyo is a newcomer but you may have seen him in Resurrecting The Champ and Defendor. Steel will film this May for a release in 2011.

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