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    March 28, 2010


    The best partnership in town regarding some indie crime is back. The teamwork between David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen has expanded yet another one again. It wasn't that long since we enjoyed watching History Of Violence and Eastern Promises, but the fact that the sequel to the 2007's Russian mob crime drama makes me feel that it has been indeed very long.

    Slash Film quoted Deadline that producer Paul Webster will produce the sequel from Steve Knight. It has been long rumored that the sequel will actually comes to live and yet today is the day it makes it official. There are no words on who may return - this include co-star Naomi Watts, nor any details on new characters yet.

    Eastern Promises in 2007 was hailed for its gruesome violence and exceptional crime drama. It was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards and earned Viggo Mortensen a Best Actor nominee in Academy Awards. Shooting is expected for this winter.
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