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    March 23, 2010



    Oh! I thought there are no more spaces open for casting in Transformers 3 but apparently I was wrong. Michael Bay has snapped up three stars (coincidently two of them were both seen together in Burn After Reading).

    Yes, Bay has Frances McDormand casted for some character - believed to be associated with the National Intelligence Director (WOW!!). Bay also has John Malkovich casted for a weird character - Shia LaBeouf's first boss. There is a third one - in the form of Ken Jeong (remember that 'faggot' Asian gangsta from The Hangover, yes!). While there is no surprise that most of the original casts will return. Even the bad-mouthed Megan Fox is coming back after some shitty comments about Michael Bay!!

    More info after the jump.

    Pre-shooting starts next month while production will commences on May. For those who are curious, I have some extra notes for you too about the movie:

    1) Bay expressed his intention to make Transformers 3 not necessarily larger than Revenge of the Fallen, but instead go deeper into the mythos, give it more character development, and make it darker and more emotional. (We all heard about that already)

    2) The script is apparently finish and ready (according to Josh Duhamel in an interview with MTV)

    3) Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are due to undergo an appearance overhaul for the third film in the series, in an attempt to make Bumblebee look more mature and Optimus Prime more heroic. (according to Scott Benza and Scott Ferrar from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM))

    4) Rumors on new Autobot - a new robot that has been said to transform into a Ferrari 458 Italia, this piece of info is affirmed by Bay himself in his website.

    I guess with the production is about to begin, we can only hope TF3 is not going to stale my interest over the franchise. Mediocre but mindless entertaining, filled with sex jokes - Revenge of the Fallen really pulled down the sensations built from the first movie. Let us pray, Bay did it right this time.

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