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    March 23, 2010


    Twilight's Kellan Lutz has been cast to join Tarsem Singh's War of the Gods. The yet another Greek mythology take, as I have been mentioned last month seems to be taking a full throttle since then with the casting of Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto and Henry Cavill.

    Variety reports that Lutz has been cast as Poseidon, the Greek God of Sea. So far, the casting list has been as follow: Freida Pinto (Phaedra), Henry Cavill (Theseus), Mickey Rourke (King Hyperion) and Luke Evans (Zeus). Nevertheless, I have some interesting question to ponder here - could the casting of Luke Evans and Kellan Lutz inappropriate due to their young age, yet portraying the mighty Greek Gods?

    Anyway, the shooting for the film will start this April. However, the title may not be the same at the end of the day. A check at IMDB, the title Dawn Of War was given. According to the report, the movie will use mixed reality equipment, the plan is to prepare studio scenes showing the manifest exploits of the mythic hero Theseus.
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