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    March 24, 2010


    Popeye is rejuvenating himself into the big screen again. Oh yes, apparently there is already some affirmation from Sony Pictures Animation that the animation arm of Sony will be handling a new adaptation for the iconic cartoon figure. Unlike The Smurfs, which will employ mixed CGI and live action technique, this one will stay on an all-CGI affair and will be given some 3D treatment.

    Producer Avi Arad will be the man behind the driving force and eventually been offered of this job by former Marvel man Scott Sassa. Arad told Variety, "Scott called me and said, 'I have something for you.' I literally started singing the famous Popeye song after securing the rights. What always blew me away is the level of the animation. It was so beautiful and unbelievably detailed."

    By the way, the last time we saw Popeye on the big screen was back in 1980, when funnyman Robin Williams star as the iconic sailor man and directed by Robert Altman. The movie grossed $49 million only and ended up been a flop.

    There is no detail about the plot released yet. We shall wait and see then for more to come.
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