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    March 5, 2010


    X-Men Origins: Wolverine_ teaser posterImage by marthouli via Flickr

    Ready to cross your claws again whether you like or hate it. Wolverine 2, the planned sequel to the last year's miscool X-Men Origins: Wolverine is going to start shooting coming next January, that is according to The Hollywood's Reporter. That was in line with what Hugh Jackman has been saying all these while - a sequel that will focus on the time in Japan.

    However, no director is attached yet nor any of those casts too while it appear that the movie may only have Christopher McQuarrie's script to follow.

    But until Fox made any announcement officially, treat this as a rumour still.

    Crossing over to the MTV Splashpage, it was reported too that:
    Some of those people are still unannounced, as the director's chair for "Wolverine 2" is currently unfilled. "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" director Gavin Hood has expressed interest in the job. Additionally, some have speculated that the position could go to Bryan Singer, the former "X-Men" filmmaker that has close ties to screenwriter McQuarrie. Singer is already back in the mutant fold as the director of the upcoming "X-Men: First Class," and whether or not he gets involved with Logan's trip to Japan remains to be seen.

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