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    April 20, 2010


    20th Century Fox picked up the rights to Jane Heller’s novel An Ex To Grind and has attached two stars for the rom-com – Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro. Okay, I know the last thing you would have imagined is when you have them two as a couple or what else, Del Toro in some romantic comedy. But who says it can’t be done?

    An Ex To Grind tells the story of a couple –
    a star athlete (Del Toro) supporting the dreams of his waitress wife (Diaz). Few years later, an injury costs his career, confine him to just sitting on the couch and drink beer. His wife, on the other hand has become a big business-woman. But when she tries to divorce him, she’s shocked to discover that she’ll have to pay him a large sum of money. To avoid that from happening, she finds him a new wife. Yet when the new woman in his life forces him to shape up, his ex realizes that she really did love him after all!

    Never mind, but the story sounds predictable now, don’t it?
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