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    April 28, 2010


    It looks like British sweetheart Carey Mulligan is set to play the lead role in the Hollywood-remake of the Swedish hit thriller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Mulligan has been gaining a lot of limelight these days – thanks to her performance in An Education that landed her an Oscar nomination. Now the 24-year-old will set (almost casted) for the David Fincher’s adaptation.

    Fincher will be considering her for the lead role of Lisbeth Salander after an audition that really impressed the director. Apparently, the family of the late Stieg Larsson (author of the Millennium Trilogy) has endorsed Mulligan too. It was reported too that should Mulligan chosen, she would have about $6 million per movie paycheck for her role on adaptation of the three novels (That’s $18 million for the trilogy!)

    The Swedish version has been making great impact in turns of critical acclaim and book sales. It looks like inevitable that the Hollywood will not try to remake it into a simpler language to follow. Otherwise, the David Fincher’s version will be based off the original novel rather than closely lenient to the Swedish film. What ever it is, we hope for an official announcement soon as well as the production to start, considering Fincher is still working on the current project he has, The Social Network.

    SOURCE: Screen Rant
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