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    April 28, 2010


    The planned project adaptation from James Patterson’s novel series Maximum Ride has left Sony Pictures. But Universal Pictures is now seeking to fish in the rights instead, with director Catherine Hardwicke will be still attached to direct.

    The James Patterson’s young adult fiction has been having trouble to kick start the production at Sony and was ditched as it impinged on their plans to reboot Spider-Man franchise. I am not familiar with this novel work by Patterson but it follows six teens known as the Flock (mixture of bird and human) that after their successful in learning how to fly, they escape the laboratory where they have been kept. After living in exile, they have been pursuit by a pack of human/wolf crossbreds called the Erasers too on the process.

    Sounds sci-fi though! Universal has hired Iron Man co-writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby to adapt the novel. Sounds like Universal are very serious about this bunch of Flocks.

    SOURCE: Empire Online
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