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    April 27, 2010


    Nobody likes the first Ghost Rider but while it had made $270 million worldwide, that number was good enough for another sequel. It was reported that Sony Pictures (Columbia) is trying to push in for a sequel, Ghost Rider 2 – considering that if they don’t start making things, the rights would revert back to Marvel Studio and Disney. They are also try to push forward even Nicolas Cage is not available at the moment to reprise his role as the soul reaper of lies.

    Nicolas Cage is not going to be free after all. With all his sudden spike on his career, we will about to see him in this summer’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and was reportedly may begin the production of the third National Treasure under the Disney banner as early as this autumn.

    Flash Forward series writers Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman have already turned in a draft of a GR2 script under the supervision of David S Goyer to the studio. Now what the studio need is a director but the studio has insisted that the original director Mark Steven Johnson will not handle the sequel. A race against time fellow Sony!!

    SOURCE: Vulture
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