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    April 21, 2010


    2008’s Academy Awards Best Picture nominee The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was pretty engaging. It was one of my Top Ten best reviewed movie last year. Well, the film was taken from one of the short story by F Scott Fitzgerald and we may find ourselves with another one of his work been adapted very soon. News has that 20th Century Fox wants to make a new version of Tender Is The Night. The film has an 1962 version with Jason Robards and Jennifer Jones on the main leads.

    It appears that Pajiba’s sources are claiming that the studio has already had a script from David Nicchols and is aiming to have Matt Damon and Kiera Knightley as their top choices for the main roles. If you have not been aware of the story; it tells the story of a talented young doctor named Dick Diver who live on the French Riviera in the 1920s, seems to have a perfect life until he later started to worry about his wife’s health.

    No words on if they’ll sign and definitely no director has been attached yet. Well, like other new movie talks; just wait!!

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