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    April 28, 2010


    The Hollywood Reporter said that the Fox will get their arse sued by someone who wants to get the name credited for writing Alvin And The Chipmunk: The Squeakquel. Bagdasarian Prods which run by the family of the Chipmunks’ creator, Ross Bagdasarian is suing 20th Century Fox over multiple conflicts.

    First, the family’s lawsuit claims that Janice Karman (married to Ross Bagdasarian Jr) wrote the sript for the movie, which was re-written and Fox brought her in to polish the finalized version. Thus, she pointed out that several scenes that proved she’s co-owner of the finalized script and thus entitled for half of all the profits. Then, the rest are concerning the merchandising and the failure of the studio to take advantage of the huge tie-in possibilities for the film.

    In response, the Fox legal team put out this statement, “The Bagdasarians' claims are completely without merit. We look forward to resolving our differences and, in the meantime, we are continuing to move forward with this franchise.”

    Ah, it hurts when lawsuits go around a potential film, but this franchise is been a half-junk. So it’s a great opportunity for a publicity stunt before the third (which previously I have no doubt at all will be coming) film goes in production. For those who anticipated the chipmunks, yes, the third one will be out in 2011 in third dimension.

    SOURCES: Empire Online, The Hollywood Reporter
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