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    April 28, 2010


    If you do not know who the hell is he, then let’s assure he is a kick-ass writer for shows like Eli Stone and Flash Forward. Words have that Marc Guggenheim's biggest project task up to date is to transform two big stories into silver screen.

    The first of all; The Da Vinci project which has been getting some brushed over few weeks ago will set to rediscover the gifted inventor some action/adventure/thriller/history sort of story. Leonardo Da Vinci and the Soldier of Forever is currently the production title will anticipate the world famous inventor that goes into the world of secret organization and the fight against supernatural spirits.

    Meanwhile; he is also responsible to transform the story revolving Sinbad, Ali Baba and any figure from the Arabian folklore to pull of a team of heist-adventure storyline. Thieves of Baghdad will see the team that sets in the Arabian medieval time with some elements of Italian Job or Ocean’s Eleven.

    Well, we shall hear more from him right? But right now, everything is still in its earliest days and many more cool art concepts will be fused in over times. Now we need some badass director to steer things!!

    SOURCE: Empire Online
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