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    April 28, 2010


    Producer Brad Fuller spoke with Bloody Disgusting about the Platinum Dunes’ planned adaptation film about the Ouija board. He hinted this during the interview which by part could means this unusual creepy board will go more towards the family-friendly angle like Zathura or Jumanji.

    Ouija isn’t really a horror movie per se, it’s definitely more of a big action-adventure movie along the lines of…I gotta be careful what I compare it to. But you know, it’s like a big action-adventure movie. And that script…I’ve read a couple pages of it, it seems good. I think we’re getting the full script in the next month. And that’s a very exciting project for it, cause it’s a much bigger movie, and it gives us an opportunity to try something we haven’t done before…There are definitely horror elements, because it’s about Ouija and what happens from an Ouija board, but it’s a much bigger film. I would call it an action-adventure with horror elements.
    Brad Fuller, producer

    That’s weird but I have to give him some credit. It is a bold move and definitely something less frightening would have given it right angulations for the type of audience it’s looking for. It seems to be a new trend in Hollywood as well – board games in 3D! You may have well aware that toys like Monopoly, Stretch Armstrong, Battleship are all in the process of becoming a movie! Good luck, Hollywood!

    SOURCE: Screen Rant
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