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    April 28, 2010


    The Ring and The Ring 2 are moderately accepted. It has been 5 years since the second one with Hideo Nakata-directed and Naomi Watts as Rachel on the main lead but there has been scarcely news about any possibility for a sequel. The next thing since then is a bit surprising. Here comes the next installment by the way as Paramount Pictures prepares to spook you in 3D.

    It looks like the world can’t live without 3D. Heat Vision Blog (THR) and Slash Film reported that David Loucka has been hired to write with Walter Parkers and Laurie MacDonald will produce. No director has been attached yet but we do know that the project is now called The Ring 3D. The Ring is one of those legacy left by DreamWorks after their split although in some area or films they are still cooperating.

    Reports also indicate that the new film will be more teen-centric, a new invention to the franchise. Looks like sequel and 3D rules in Hollywood yet again!!

    SOURCES: Heat Vision Blog, Slash Film
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