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    April 14, 2010


    News fileld with unpleasant mood from the executives of Sony Pictures citing their unsatisfactory over the Green Hornet film while Warner Bros may have to put Lobo into like a store room for much more longer. Details as at below:


    The Sony's new film version of Green Hornet has made their executives less than spectacular. They claimed that the movie is too campy (means, too exaggerated in terms of style or mode), Gondry's direction is off and Seth Rogen doesn't work at all in the lead.

    Come on Sony, you are the one who wants a script written by Seth Rogen himself and while you are all for pairing up the story with some odd choice director of Michele Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - crazily weird but still good). You know how Seth Rogen works with the scripts like Superbad and you also realized how Gondry's works are. Where were you Sony? Chances are, there is still time to re-shoot if Sony is pushing so. Extra money?

    Read about Lobo after the read more jump.


    It looks like the blue-skinned alien who works as a bounty hunter will not be making his big screen adaptation any sooner. All the while, Guy Ritchie and Akiva Goldsman have been attached as director and producer for the potential film. Things got to the worst when Guy Ritchie departed the project for Sherlock Holmes 2 (done in the fast track). It feels like the bounty hunter was left stranded.

    Well, Warner Bros is definitely not in keen to give this project simply to anyone to do. So, the best way is too wait more longer.
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