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    April 15, 2010


    I guess studios nowadays are pretty smart when it goes down to the choice for the right one to be suited in the superhero suit. Look at how Marvel Studio had done with the casting for Captain America. It took them so long to finally announced that Chris Evans will go for that role.

    Few days ago, I reported that
    Logan Lerman was the name been mentioned here and there as the possible contender for the role of Peter Parker in the new Sony's reboot for the Marc Webb's Spider-Man franchise. Well, at least that contender role breathed until today because another name has just been thrown in - Josh Hutcherson.

    Last seen in
    Cirque du Freak and Journey To The Center Of The Earth and will be making another turn in MGM's remake Red Dawn, the choice of Josh Hutcherson is equally fit in. So, the question still remains, WHO IS THE NEXT SPDER-MAN? For the question, why Sony Pictures enlisted so many names for the role? Simple, gauge fans reaction I believe.

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