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    April 24, 2010


    Sony Pictures announced that the release date for Seth Rogen's The Green Hornet (originally scheduled for Christmas weekend of 2010) has been bumped backward to early next year. The studio has improvised MLK Week or January 14, 2011 as the new release date. Recently, the film has garnered some controversial remarks that the studio execs awere displeased with the outcome of the film, although that was quickly denied by them.

    The latest news has that The Green Hornet will be given a 3D treatment. Although again I am very disppointed with this kind of late decision to do so, I still believe that with much longer time gap between now until their planned release date, the outcome will nevertheless still better than
    Clash Of The Titans.

    Good news is that according to
    Empire Online, director Michel Gondry and writer Seth Rogen have yet to edit the film. This gives a much space of breathing for the post 3D conversion work to blend into the specific scenes much better.

    Rogen when
    speaking to HitFix also said,
    Evan Goldberg, Michel Gondry and myself could not be more excited about going 3D. The truth is that this is something that we have wanted since the very first conversations we all had about the film. A lot of the visually driven sequences Michel came up were first conceived for a 3D movie. What gets me most excited is the fact that Gondry is so enthusastic about it. I think that Gondry's visuals done in 3D will give us something we've never seen before.

    In response to the move by The Green Hornet, Sony Pictures also decided to bounce the upcoming vampire thriller
    Priest (starring Paul Bettany) back into March.
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